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Specific training

Useful trainings to make the most out of your installation


Operators training

Bucher Winefiltration offers specific trainings to all your operators all along the filter’s life. The constant training of operators together with a preventive maintenance allows to optimize the use of the filter, its running and to increase its productivity.

Intensive trainings

Each kind of wine and its preparation are specific, that is why Bucher Winefiltration organizes intensive training sessions run by Process engineers in order to learn how to anticipate the behavior of the filters according to the types of wines, types of pretreatments and external conditions related to the filter…
These trainings have been proven very efficient when they are achieved at least 6 months after the filter has been installed.

The training of the maintenance teams

Because your installation can’t suffer any idle periods, the training of your maintenance teams is essential. Your teams learn how to carry out usual maintenance operations but also to make a diagnosis and learn how to get the ability to solve more difficult situations in coordination with the technical helpline of Bucher Winefiltration.

Intensive Services

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