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Complete range of cross-flow filtration solutions

A benchmark range of cross-flow filters

A complete range

The Bucher Winefiltration range of cross-flow filters meets all the requirements of the market with wines even harder to filter (early wines, heating treatment of the harvests, sweet wines) and even more demanding users in terms of reliability and servicing quality.

Bucher Winefiltration has thus references from 12 m² to 960 m² of running filtration plant.

The Bucher Winefiltration filters have essential assets that complement each other:

For traceability: a systematic background history of the various filtrating and cleaning

For safety: an innovating system enables to check the water of the last rinsing phase.

For a peaceful mind: a remote maintenance through a calling connection (cabled or not)
enables to make a diagnosis for any kind of failure and to intervene in order to limit idle periods.

For reliability: a scope of safety devices and indicators enable to make sure the filter
is running all right (turbidity of the filtered wine, cleanliness index for the membranes…).


Complete automatism

For each filter of the range, the PLC controls automatically a planning of the various filtrating, unclogging, rinsing and washing cycles.

A user-friendly PLC

Operations are followed on the screen: flow rate, volume, temperature... and the various safety devices.
The operating parameters are easily modifiable during the filtration cycle without interrupting the machine.

The answer to all your needs

• Range from 1 to 30 modules
• Modules of 12 m²
• Average flow rate from 5 to 14 hl/h/module
• Low-temperature wine filtration: - 4°C
• Inlet turbidity: up to 800 NTU
• Outlet turbidity: < 1 NTU
• Water consumption from 1 to 1.3 l for 100 l of filtered wine
• Minimum loss of wine: 0.05 %
• Valorization of the filtration retentates: Tandem concept (modules of 6 m²)
• A 24 hours a day utilization
• Limited need for control

Intensive Tech

Flavy FX range