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Cross-flow filtration of wine

The exclusive technology allowing your productivity to go well ahead


An exclusive know-how in cross-flow filtration

The technologies set up by Bucher Winefiltration ensure performance, return on investment,operating profits and reliability of filters.

•    Organic membranes in polyethersulfone specifically adapted to wine filtration.

•    A unique filtration process for high-quality filtered wines and steady flow rates.

•    A reliable automation and a maximal operating safety thanks to permanent self-controlling devices.
20 years of experience all over the world

Organic membrane for a high outpout

Filters are equipped with an organic, hydrophilic membrane provided with an asymmetrical structure specifically adapted to wine. The hydrophilic characteristic has been proved as playing a positive and efficient role for controlling the adsorption phenomena of polyphenols and polysaccharides. The asymmetrical structure greatly contributes to keep a steady filtration flow rate, especially with clogging wines.

 A unique filtration process

 La filtration tangentielle - schéma

Maîtrise du process

Process controlling
    Automatic regulation
    of flow rate and pressure

Effort de retrofiltration

Backflush effect

Efficacité de la filtration


A backflush system enables a regular and efficient unclogging of the membranes.

Intensive Tech


Exclusive assets of cross-flow filtration