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Exclusive assets of juice lees filtration

"2 in 1" cross-flow filtration to :

make quality a priority
• make savings
• enhance efficiency
• improve on environment friendliness


Quality first

Highly qualitative results on juice lees

The permeate obtained from lees filtration and representing up to 90% of the implemented volume can be reincorporated in the initial tank because of its contribution in respect of fat level, finesse and aroma freshness.

Real savings

Quick return on investment

Using the “1 filter for 2 applications”, the return on investment is very fast and the price per filtered hectoliter is more advantageous

Savings on annual operating costs

Cross-flow filtration is an efficient annual costs-reducing filtration solution:
• the filter does not use diatomaceous earth consumables,
• the filter does not demand any special attention. Labour costs dedicated to the cellar filtration station are significantly reduced as a result.

The filter is programmable and autonomous: entirely automatic, it can operate around the clock, 7 days a week.
For the filtration of juice lees: pre-filtration, pressure parameters management, flow rate, etc, are automated.
With the Flavy FX filter:
• one only throughput is required, for wine and juice lees alike,
• wine losses are limited (of the order of 0.1% to 2% according to wine profiles), must losses on juice lees are very low (of the order of 1%).

 Enhanced added-value

Improved optimization of cellar organization

The Flavy FX range simplifies day to day operations. The cellar is autonomous throughout the year resulting in improved organization.
At harvest, juice lees are filtered in batches: the operator can opt for tank by tank juice lees management to ensure improved valorization (by avoiding mixes). The resulting ease of working also allows the time interval between must racking and filtration to be reduced thus preventing juice lees to get fermented.
Lastly, Flavy FX cross-flow filtration frees the wine maker from managing input concerns and from handling used diatomaceous earth