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Bucher Vaslin innovation to drive your success

Bucher Vaslin's concern is to develop for you, winemakers and traders the world over, technically appropriate and economically attractive solutions.

Actively underpinned by its trusted workforce, acknowledged know-how and expertise, Bucher Vaslin has unfairlingly supported the needs and paths of development of wine growers for almost 150 years.

Our dynamic allows us to faithful to an history while reasserting our philosophy : to make your success our priority.



Bucher Vaslin designs, manufactures and sells, only or through its network of exclusive distributors, processes and equipment exclusively intended for the transformation of grapes to wine ready for marketing.

Bucher Vaslin is active in more than 40 countries in Europe, countries of Oriental and Central Europe, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia...

International operations : 1 in France (Bucher Vaslin MS) and 4 abroad ( Bucher Vaslin Sudamérica in Chile, Bucher Vaslin Australia in Australia, Bucher Vaslin Spa in Italy and Bucher Vaslin Northamerica in USA).

Equipment are in compliance with European directives ISO 9001 certification : 2000.

Bucher Vaslin


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