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Intensive helpline just for you

Intensive helpline ready to listen to you:
+33 (0) 241 745 060


The Bucher Winefiltration technical helpline directly puts you through technicians
specialized in cross-flow filtration, experienced professionals who will guide you
and bring you technical solutions.

To answer all your questions instantly and give you appropriate advice

In direct communication with process and design engineers, the technical helpline allows you to optimize the use of your filter, have all the functions operating the best way and develop the specific applications you need.

To minimize maintenance costs and idle periods

Our industrial filters are equipped with remote maintenance systems through a  calling connection (cabled or not). The Bucher Winefiltration technicians are thus directly connected to the PLC and the man-machine interface of your installation.
They can also record the data of the running filter in order to analyze them afterwards.

The remote maintenance system enables the technicians to make a diagnosis, draw a fast, efficient analysis regarding the functioning of the filter and carry out a remote reparation of the breakdown if possible.

To get fast onto the site

Once the expertise has been made by the technical platform, on-the-spot technicians can be sent on site to help or repair faster according to the type of breakdown.

A worldwide responsive service network

Bucher Winefiltration gets its support on site from its « Intensive Services » network of approved technicians and distributors spread out all over the world. Constantly trained in our Technical Training Center, they ensure preventive maintenance and after-sales service operations.

On-the-spot technicians are in close relation with the Bucher Winefiltration Assistance in order to ensure a fast and efficient service.

Once the intervention is over, a report is drawn with all the details of the services and other parameters that will be then recorded in the background history and follow-up of your filter.

Intensive helpline ready to help you A worldwide responsive service network

Intensive Services

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