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Cross-flow filtration of juice lees

Cross-flow filters for the treatment of juice lees - Special mention Vinitech 2008


This original idea consists in the use of one cross-flow filter within the Bucher Vaslin Flavy range for the filtration of :
- wine, on the one hand
- and lees during the vintage period, on the other hand. The filter is then equipped with additional accessories including an automatic rotary-drum pre-filter in order to eliminate large particles and organic membranes that allow the filtration of heavy-loaded products.

The polyvalent use of cross-flow filter is perfectly suitable for small and cooperative wineries, it allows :
- to benefit by a simple, automatic solution, mobilizing very few labour work during harvest,
- to take advantage of the lees on an organoleptic point of view (no oxidation),
- to contribute to the respect of the environment (no input to manage, no treatment of used diatomeous earth (DE),
- to optimize the organization of the winery during harvest.

Pré-filtre à tambour rotatif Flavy D3



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