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Cross-flow filtration of tank bottoms

Cross-flow filtration of tank bottoms - bronze trophy

Vinitech 2010



 « Tank bottoms » represent approximately 2 to 3 % of the wine volume from a winery. Their filtration enables to get back the ¾ of them. Being used for more than 20 years for the filtration of fruit juices – which is the core business of the Bucher Unipektin division in Switzerland – those stainless steel, tubular membranes are specifically well adapted to the filtration of tank bottoms, such as ,  lees for fining, retentates from cross-flow filters, centrifuged sludges, etc ...

 Long-lasting, hard-wearing, the tubular s/steel membranes tolerate viscous, abrasive fluids (like bentonite, activated charcoal…) as much as fluids containing a large amount of solids.
Dedicated to large wineries, wine traders and bottling companies, Flavy Leestar brings along true improvement in terms of quality, respect of the environment, safety and return on investment.

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