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Exclusive assets of tank bottoms filtration

Cross-flow filtration of tank bottoms - Flavy Leestar


Flavy Leestar is adapted to wineries, large wineries and wine traders generating approximately 3% of « tank bottoms ».

Undeniable assets :

Qualitative added value of the permeate : From an organoleptic point of view, the clarifying of tank bottoms and free-oxidation permeate are essential, qualitative assets. The permeate is thus easily valorized as it is reintegrated into the initial filtered wine batch.

Valorization of the filtration retentate : The main interest in using cross-flow filtration is to uphold suspended matters that will be separated and valorized in a distillery for example. On the contrary, when using traditional filtration, those suspended matters are absorbed and retained within the Kieselguhr used earth.

Operating safety : The filtration device as it is proposed is simple and fully automated for a perfect operating safety.You only need to plug, set the requested program and leave the filtration to be achieved … over night and day. Its ergonomics and accessibility do not require a particular know-how in filtration – the process is open to every winery operator. The winery staff can be working on some other tasks as only a monitoring of the process in action is necessary.

Respect of the environment and safety of operators : The use of a cross-flow filter, free from any used filtration earth, and therefore without any treatment, is respectful of the environment. There is no silica dust as in Kieselguhr earth, healthcare of operators is better taken into account.

Return on investment : Depending on the context, return on investment is very fast. Operating costs are reduced and can be divided by up to 7 compared to the traditional filtration. In addition, the long-lasting feature of the membranes is an undeniable, economical asset.