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Exclusive assets of cross-flow filtration

Cross-flow filtration is adapted to any kind of wines

As a result of its experience and expertise, the Bucher Winefiltration cross-flow filtration is adapted to any kind of wines so as to prepare them for their bottling:
• post-fermented wines,
• wines after treatment (stabilization, fining, …),
• sparkling wines (sparkling process, sparkling grape juice).

In addition, it is very efficient for wines hard to filter: 
• wines heavily loaded with colloids (polyphenols, polysaccharides, proteins),
• wines with a high turbidity,
• early red wines,
• wines from heating treatments,
• sweet wines,
• ice wines,
• low temperature wines…

A benchmark manufacturer

After 20 years of experience, Bucher Winefiltration is a benchmark reference in terms of wine cross-flow filtration all over the world. Its technology is widely used in countries producing wines and countries importing bulk wines.

Higher flow rates even with clogging wines

Thanks to the new generation membrane associated with a unique filtration process, filters can run long cycles with every kind of wines and limit the number of washing and cleaning phases.

Up to 50% more. For similar-profiled wines, the flow rate obtained with a Bucher Winefiltration filter is always more stable and the batch of wine always filtered faster. The benefit can be checked even more easily on hard wines for which the flow rate is increased by 20 to 50%.

Tandem, a concept dedicated to industrials

The Tandem concept – the simultaneous filtration of wine and concentrated retentates – enables the industrials to reach an optimal productivity whatever may be the size of the batch of wine, especially thanks to a better flow average, spaced-out cleaning phases and a very low rate of wine loss.

Efficiency is increased. With the Tandem range, wine losses hardly represent 0.1%, even 0.05% of the volume of filtered wine.

The productivity is maintained thanks to 100% responsive helpline

Every day, the Bucher Winefiltration helpline team offers you a wide range of efficient and reliable services: a breakdown service helpline, advice, trainings, maintenance,  personalized follow-up and after-sales services for an optimal operating system through the whole life of the filter.
Please consult our specific brochure, Intensive Services.

 Intensive Services

A better respect of the environment

Thanks to its design, its reduced dead volumes, its limited number of washing phases, Its process controlling, the whole range minimizes water consumption and the use of chemical products.

Down to 50% less of water consumption, and even more savings regarding wines hard to filter or long filtration cycles.


A draining system, intuitive and accessible


A draining system, intuitive and accessible, enables to follow in real time the filtration parameters.

A unique system of management for clogging and concentration



A unique system of management for clogging and concentration enables to optimize the filtration while simplifying the washing phases.

The three separate inlets and outlets enable to schedule the filtration and cleaning cycles


The three separate inlets and outlets enable to schedule the filtration and cleaning cycles.

Intensive Tech


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